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Terms and conditions of use


These Terms and Conditions can be modificated. In case of modification, will be published in the site or will be emailed to users.

The service delivers to users information, publicity and communications online of Foreign trade, provided by COMEXTAR ARGENTINA, and supposes the acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions. The information contained in the Site comes from several sources, and information Suppliers. In great majority, that information is merely destined to allow the user the access to a great amount of data on the subject of user interest. This information is provided generally by third, without an effective control of the site owner, reason why we suggest the User to read with special well-taken care of these Terms and Conditions.

The Owner does not take responsibility by the damages that could cause the use of the information that provides the Service. The Owner does not guarantee the veracity or use of that information. The Owner guarantees that the information found, has not been altered, after its insertion in the Site. In case the User feels offended or harmed by that information, he will have to exclusively direct his activity against the supplier of the same one. In that case, COMEXTAR ARGENTINA will give to the user, the necessary data to make his reclamation.

The User recognizes that The Owner cannot control information of other sites which can accede through links found in Comextar Argentina S.H. inserted by Information Suppliers. The Owner beware that the content of the Tie Sites can include obscene or offensive material.

1. Equipment. The Owner of the Service and Site is not forced to provide equipment or program with software to accede to the Service. The User will need to have the necessary resources for it yet, including those of telecommunications.

2. Use of the Service Policy. The User accepts the Policy of Use of the Service settled down in the Annex a, and its modifications. The Owner reserves the right to eliminate or to modify any information, communication, material of download, or message witch violate the Policy of Use.

3. Publication. The broadcasting or publication of any material is prohibited without the previous written consent of its author. In the cases in that he is authorized, the User will have to mention the author and he will not be able to modify this material.

4. Control of Contents. The Owner does not control the communications and materials that the Users or Suppliers of Information enter to the Service. The Owner does not become person in charge by the content of these communications and materials, and reserves the right to block the access or to eliminate any communication or material that considers obscene, false or deceptive.

5. Commitment of Indemnity. The User commits itself to maintain undamaged to The Owner, his employees, licenciantes, suppliers and licenciatarios of the resulting damages (including the defense costs) of any act or illicit fact imputable to the User or to third that he uses the account of the User.

6. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. All question between The Owner and the User will be governed by the laws of the Argentine Republic, excluding all norm that sends to the application of a foreign law. Any controversy will be put under the Ordinary Courts in the Buenos Aires Commercial Dependence.

7. Resignations. The delay or omission of The Owner in demanding the strict fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions cannot be interpreted as The Owner resigns to his rights.

8. Partial invalidity. In case some disposition of these Terms and Conditions were declared null, it will not affect the validity of the others.

9. Brand. COMEXTAR ARGENTINA is a registered tradename of The Owner. All other brand or logo that appears in the Site belongs to The Owner or to the third who insert the information or Service and User will not be able to use them without authorization of his proprietor.

10. Notifications. The notifications to the User will be able to be attended by (i) Mail, (general ii) Publications in the billboards of information of the Service, or (iii) by note sent by mail to the address indicated in registry form.


The use of the Service is subject to the norms that settle down in this Annex.

1. Requirements. The User must be at least 18 years old. Persons or Companies are able to register through the forms available in web site. The User will have to inform to Owner as rapidly as possible any change in the information provided in occasion of his inscription.

2. Access. The inscription can demand that the User identifies itself ("Name of User") and who registers a Personal Key (the "Personal Key") chosen by the own User. The Owner reserves the right to reject or to modify the chosen Personal Key.

3. Online Communications. The User recognizes that the communications online pass in real time and they cannot be controlled by The Owner. Without damage of it, The Owner reserves the right to exclude any communication that considers offensive or violate this Policy.

4. User Prohibitions: (a) to transmit anonymous messages or low a pseudonym. (b) agreesive, intimidatory, deceptive information and messages, obscene, or that violates the right to the privacy or the intellectual or industrial property of third, or that can be detrimental these or the holder. The Owner does not try to discourage the right of free expression, but the right is reserved to take the actions that correspond in case the Service is used to spread information of this type. (c) to interfere in the use of the Service to other Users, which includes the interruption of the dialogues in chat rooms. (d) to transmit no file that contains virus or any other polluting or destructive element. (e) to transmit publicity, promotional materials, or supplies except in those areas (ej. Billboard of Classified Warnings, Billboards of Messages) destined to that aim (f) to send e-mails not solicitd, in massive form, to other Users.

5. Security. The Users do not have to allow the use of their account by third. All information that is sent using the account of the User will be considered shipment by him.

6. Publishes. The Users who wish to send material or information to be including in our Site will have to consider that the Users will not be able: (to a) insert the same article in more than 5 (five) areas of the Service; or (to b) insert it in an area other people's to the in question topic.








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